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Our Story

For the discerning seafood-lover Morgans Seafood is the crown jewel of Queensland’s Seafood Outlets.

After having their own trawler and fishing business in the Noosa area, Rick & Chris Morgan set their sights on Oyster Point at Scarborough and opened their Seafood Market in 1986.

Fresh seafood just off the trawlers was an obvious hit with seafood lovers all over Brisbane. Which of course has led to the expansion of their seafood market over the years to include a number of other outlets such as their: Seafood Take Away, Oyster Bar and Sushi Bar.

Morgans Seafood is a family owned and operated business and brings together the best of the season’s
locally grown produce and matches this with impeccable seafood – sourced just off the trawlers or direct
from the fishermen.


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