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This is a small list of our seafood products and how they are commonly sold (fillets / whole). To help you find what you are looking for we have included previous well known names. As we are a seafood market the selection of items changes on a daily basis.

'East Coast' – refers to Australian East Coast. All fish listed are Australian unless
otherwise stated. Where appropriate we have listed regions that our products are
predominantly sourced from.
New Marketing Name Old Name Available – Whole or Fillets…? Description Photo
Atlantic Salmon Atlantic Salmon Fillet, cutlets or whole Medium flavour with a rich distinctive taste. Red to pink flesh.
Albacore Tuna
Albacore Tuna
Cutlets Dark firm flesh with a distinct meaty taste.
Albacore is referred to as the 'chicken of the sea' due to its white flesh & texture when cooked.
Barramundi Barramundi Whole or fillets Salt water caught & sea-cage farmed, moist flaky style flesh that cooks up white with a sweet – mild sea taste'.
Luderick Black Bream Whole or fillets
Firm texture, mild fish taste ‘good eating’ – ideal for fish cakes
Flesh cooks-up
a smoky white.
Yellowfin Bream Bream, Yellowfin Whole or fillets Fine, firm flesh, pink before cooking, mild flavour. The flesh is highly regarded
Blue Threadfin Blue Salmon Whole Quite moist & soft , white textured flesh which cooks up white and has an earthy flavour. Suits cooked in breadcrumbs.
Coral Trout Coral Trout Whole or fillets Firm, white flesh, delicate refreshing sweet flavour. One of Australia's premium eating fish.
Dart Dart Whole or fillets Soft dark flesh with a medium distinctive flavour, cooks up smoky white.
Garfish Garfish, Snubnose Whole or fillets Delicate texture, sweet-subtle taste similar to whiting, cooks-up ultra white
Grassy Emperor  Coral Bream, Grassy Sweetlip Whole or fillets Light pinkish flesh with a medium fishy flavour, cooks up opaque white.  up opaque white  
Oreo Dory Dory, Mirror Fillets Firm, fine textured flesh with a mild sea taste.
Caught in NZ, good-eating.
Flathead Flathead Whole or fillets Firm white / cream flesh with a medium distinctly – sweet flavour
Sole Sole Whole or fillets Firm fine texture flesh with a mild fish taste.
Garfish Garfish Whole or fillets Fine white flesh with a sweet sea flavour, similar in taste to school whiting.
Goldband Snapper Goldband snapper Whole or fillets Firm, flaky flesh with a delicate / sweet flavour. Very good eating fish.
Striped Snapper Stripey Seaperch Whole or fillets Moist, firm flesh with a sweet sea taste.
Whole fish generally plate-size and suits oven baking.
Very good eating!
Hussar Hussar Whole or fillets Moist, firm flesh with a sweet sea taste.
Very similar to Striped Snapper, Good eating!
Saddletail Snapper Red Jew
(Large Mouth Nannygai,
Saddletail Seaperch)
Whole, fillets, cutlets Firm, white flesh with a mild fishy flavour.
Very similar in taste to Crimson Snapper.
King Snapper King snapper
(Rosie jobfish)
Whole, fillets, cutlets Excellent table fish, flesh is firm / flaky  with a mild fishy taste. Very similar in taste to Goldband Snapper.
King Threadfin King Salmon Fillets or cutlets Firm moist flesh with a pleasant mild flavour – taste is likened to barramundi.
Maori cod Maori cod Whole or fillets Soft to firm white flesh, large flakes, sweet taste with a mild fishy flavour.
One of the best eating of all of the Cod's.
Mullet (Estuary) Whole or fillets Smoky white flesh, firm texture with a strong rich fish flavour
Pig Fish Pig Fish Whole Superior table fish with white flesh, excellent mild to sweet flavour & texture, very good for sashimi.
Pearl Perch Pearl Perch Fillets Superior restaurant quality fish with white flesh, very mild fish taste, sweet salty flavour – excellent eating.
Sea Mullet Sea Mullet Whole or fillets (seasonal) Dark firm flesh with a milder flavour. In spawning season  takes on a medium sea taste. Also great smoked – packed with Omega 3 good oils!
Sand Whiting Sand Whiting Whole or fillets Flesh is firm, flaky with a sweet delicate flavour.
Trout Ocean Trout Whole, fillets, cutlets Soft pink flesh delicate refined taste – flakes well (similar to salmon)
Orange Roughy Sea Perch Fillets A very popular table fish with a medium to firm texture, cooks-up ultra white with a mild ocean flavour. Caught in NZ, virtually no bones.
Venus Tusk Fish Parrot Fish Whole or fillets Firm, white moist  flesh with a delicate sea Coral Trout-like flavour.
Caught North QLD
Trout Rainbow trout
Whole or fillets Soft moist flesh with a rich sea earthy flavour (freshwater) High in Omega 6 pink/orange flesh colour.
Rusty Jobfish Iron Jaw Jobfish Whole, fillets, Excellent eating fish, firm, flaky its white flesh in the sea perch / snapper family. Similar in taste to King Snapper
Guitarfish Shovelnose Ray / Shark Whole, fillets Excellent eating fish, firm, flaky its white flesh has a mild clean taste.
Red Emperor Red Emperor Whole, fillets, cutlets Excellent eating fish, firm, flaky its white flesh has a mild to sweet fishy flavour.
Redthroat Emperor Red Throat Emperor Whole, or fillets Firm texture, good eating, sweet flavour with a mild fishy taste.
Crimson Snapper Red Snapper Whole, or fillets
Moderately firm flesh that cooks-up white,
mild fishy taste, pleasant eating
enjoy skin-on or skin-off!.
School Mackerel School Mackerel Whole, fillets, cutlets
Mild flavour, firm flaky-style flesh that cooks-up white with a clean sea taste. Very good eating!
Steaks or cutlets
great on the BBQ!

School Whiting School Whiting Whole or butterfly fillets Fine texture, refreshing sweet flavour from the sea
School Shark Flake Fillets Soft, moist, boneless fillets that cook white and have a mild fish flavour, virtually no bones.
Snapper Nobby Snapper
Whole or fillets Firm chunky flesh with fine eating qualities. White to pinkish flesh – cooks up white.
Spanish Mackerel Spanish Mackerel Fillets or cutlets Cooks up smoky white, rich medium fish flavour, similar to school mackerel.
Swordfish Swordfish Loin or cutlets Firm texture. Very firm flesh, rich in flavour.
Likened to the steak of the sea! Very high in the good oils Omega 3.
Tailor Tailor Whole or fillets Dark firm flesh with a strong rich sea / fishy flavour. Packed with the good oils 'Omega 3'. Also great smoked. 
Rabbitfish Black Trevally
Happy Moments
Whole or fillets Firm fine textured flesh with a medium / rich fishy flavour, cooks up a smoky white.
Silver Trevally Silver Trevally Whole or fillets Firm pinkish fillets with a medium / rich fishy flavour, cooks up opaque white. Also great smoked.
Golden Trevally Trevally Whole or fillets Firm fine textured flesh with a medium / rich fishy flavour. Also great smoked.
Spangled Emperor Yellowtail  sweetlip Whole or fillets Firm close-grained flesh that toughens when overcooked, mild sea flavour
Yellowtail Kingfish Yellowtail kingfish Fillets or cutlets Varies from white to dark pink flesh, firm texture, mild pleasant sea flavour. Wild -Caught and Sea-Cage farmed.
Banana Prawn Banana prawn Green or cooked Medium textured white flesh, sweet flavour.
Wild-caught in 'Queensland & East Coast'.
Bay Prawn Bay Prawn Cooked Generally sweeter than larger species of prawn. Light sweet taste.
Wild-caught  in Moreton Bay.
Endeavour Prawn Endeavour Prawn Cooked

Very tasty prawn, medium flavour. As they are a deep-water prawn they are naturally lighter in colour.
Wild-caught  in 'North QLD & Moreton Bay'.

Redspot King Redspot King Cooked Naturally light in colour, distinctive spot, medium prawn flavour. Wild-caught in 'North Queensland'.
Black Tiger Prawn Leader Prawn Cooked or green Tiger stripes, bright red when cooked, firm texture, medium prawn flavour. Wild-caught in Moreton Bay.
Tiger Prawn Tiger prawn Cooked or green Striking tiger stripes, cooks up bright red, crunchy firm texture, medium prawn flavour.Wild-caught  in 'North QLD & Moreton Bay'. 
King Prawn Ocean king prawn Cooked or green Very firm flesh, rich sea taste, very versatile, bright orange colour, glossy shell. Wild-caught in 'East Coast & SA'.

Blue swimmer Crab
Blue swimmer crab (sand crab) Cooked or green Mild, delicate meat with a sweet taste of the sea.
Caught in 'Queensland & WA.
Coral Crabs Coral Crabs Cooked Sweet delicate flavour
Caught in 'Queensland & East Coast'.
Mud Crab Mud Crab Live or cooked Large, firm grains that flake well & has a very exotic earthy flavour. Caught in 'Queensland & East Coast'.
Spanner Crab Spanner Crab Cooked Medium, sweet flavour – a favourite amongst crab lovers. Caught in 'Queensland & East Coast'.
Rock Crab Rock Crab Cooked Sweet delicate flavour.
Caught in 'Queensland & East Coast'.
Three-spot Crab Three-spot Crab Cooked Sweet delicate flavour.
Caught in 'Queensland & East Coast'.
Balmain Bug Balmain Bug Cooked Distinct garlic-type flavour much stronger taste than Moreton Bay bugs.
Caught Mooloolaba – NSW.
Norther / Southern
Cuttlefish Whole or whole cleaned Tender and flavoursome white firm texture. Caught WA & North QLD.
Champagne Lobster Champagne lobster Cooked Coarse flesh, sweet prawn / bug like flavour. Caught North QLD.
Pipi Pipi Live Strong sea flavour, medium / strong shellfish taste.
Mantis Shrimp Mantis Shrimp Green (uncooked) Very soft white flesh with good strong prawn flavour (best used as stock)  
Moreton Bay bug Moreton Bay Bug Green (uncooked) or cooked Sweet mild flavour, very versatile in cooking methods, fabulous eating, likened to the poor man's lobster'.
Caught Moreton Bay & North Queensland.
Green Mussel Mussels – Green lip Shell Very strong rich taste. Slightly chewy.
Blue Mussel Mussels Shell Very strong rich taste, sweet flavour.
Octopus Octopus Whole or whole cleaned Firm white flesh, creamy with grey toning. Mild sea flavour.
Commercial Scallops Tasmanian Scallops Meat (also roe on) Firm white flesh, roe-on, moist centre with a delicate flavour with a rich ocean taste. Harvested in Tasmania.
Saucer Scallops QLD Scallops Meat (also roe on) Firm white flesh, moist centre with a delicate clean sweet flavour. Harvested in QLD.
Squid or
Arrow Squid Whole or cleaned Mild subtle delicate flavour. (calamari)
Caught East Coast.
Squid Pencil Squid Whole or cleaned Mild subtle delicate flavour. (calamari)
Caught Moreton Bay.
Sandy Sprat White bait Whole Sweet / smooth sea flavour with an extraordinary texture of its own
Western Rocklobster Lobster
(Southern Rock Lobster)
Live or cooked Firm meat, medium seafood taste with a sweet exotic and very moist flavour.
Southern Rocklobster Lobster
(Southern Rock Lobster)
Live or cooked Firm meat, medium seafood taste with a sweet exotic and very moist flavour. 
Sydney Rock Oysters Sydney rock oysters Shell or bottled Rich and distinctive flavour. Soft textured & moist.
Pacific Oysters Pacific oysters Shell or bottled Rich and distinctive flavour, stronger flavour than Sydney Rock. Soft textured & moist.
Native Oyster Angassi (wild oyster) Shell Wild Australian large flat oyster. Rich and distinctive flavour, slight mineral taste.

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