Gift Cards

Q. Where do I go to purchase a Gift Card?

A. You will need to contact / or visit the Seafood Restaurant reception or the Seafood Market on the phone numbers listed above and they will help you, and YES you can purchase a Gift Card over the phone [with your credit card] and have it mailed to an Australian mailing address.

Q. If the eftpos terminals are down, can we still use or buy a gift card?

A. Unfortunately NO – there is no manual / offline card entry

Q. What if I can't remember the balance left on my card?

A. WE CANNOT CHECK YOUR BALANCE IN-STORE! You will need to check your balance online (prior to purchase) or call the number on the back of the GIFT CARD 1300 079 267(Mon-Fri business hours). You can try to use the card for an amount if there is not enough funds on your card it will come up declined and then you could try a lesser amount and then check your balance later. Most mobile phones these days have internet access and you can check your balance online.

Q. What if the issue date and the expiry date don’t match?

A. As a guide the staff will write the issue date on your card to help you keep track of when the card will expire. The card is automatically assigned with the expiry date upon purchase, you will have 12 months from this date. Your balance and expiry date is available along with your full transaction history online. The card expiry date cannot be changed. We will accept only the magnetic swipe expiry date!

Q. Can I use the card in another Morgans department (like the restaurant)?

A. We have two gift cards available for you:
– Morgans Seafood Market Card – which is valid for the
Seafood / Fish Market, Take Away, Oysters & Sushi.
– Morgans Seafood Restaurant & Teppanyaki Room Card – is valid for the
Seafood Restaurant & Teppanyaki Room
The Gift Cards are only valid at the locations nominated on the card, you cannot transfer funds to another card and you cannot use the card at a different department. The terms & conditions on the cards clearly state where the card is valid for use.

Q. Can I purchases goods and get the change in cash?

A. NO – the terms & conditions on the cards clearly state NOT REDEEMABLE FOR CASH or transferable. No change will be given as any balance of funds will remain on the card and applied to future purchases.

Q. Can I add funds to the card?

A. NO – upon purchase your card will be loaded with funds and this cannot be changed altered or added too. When the card funds are used or the card expires it then becomes void and cannot be used again.

Q. Can I part pay for my goods using GIFT CARD and cash or credit card?

A. Of course, and there is no limit so if you have a few dollars left on your card and you wish to apply it to your next purchase – no problem.

Q. Are transaction fees charged to the cardholder?

A. NO transaction fees or account balance enquiry fees are applied to the cardholder

Q. If I loose my card can I get it replaced?

A. NO the terms & conditions on the cards clearly state "treat this card like cash as lost or stolen cards cannot be replaced'.

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